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About us

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  Development of customer-focused publications and scholarship provision


  An enlightened and empowered society

  Core values


Competency and uncompromising service delivery is exuded in every facet of our work. We competencies reward merit amongst colleagues while applying the most appropriate skills and to serve our customers. We apply the same ethics and ethos to all our stakeholders.


Truthfulness and uprightness are an integral part of our operations. We shall advocate these ethical practices in every undertaking to our customers.


We do not regard status or personal preferences but approach our work as guided by principles of fairness and non-bias.


We think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do. W e are open to new ideas and methods and we encourage individuals to explore new opportunities and improve performance and results.


Every person is important and has a part in the organizational development. We endeavour to build a workplace environment that cultivates a person's uniqueness, encourages staff participation, collaboration and integration of diverse skills and capabilities.


We endeavour to act in a transparent, unambiguous, predictable and understandable manner in our businesses. We will remain accountable to our stakeholders and will acknowledge responsibility for our actions and decisions.



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