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Frequently Asked Questions

     Promotional & support services
     Customer relations



  1. What are the current prices for your books?

    see price list.

  2. How is your pricing structure i.e. Do the prices differ with different sources / outlets / company / book centres / third party?

    Prices are the same at all our outlets, including the headquarters. Booksellers buy at a discounted price of 25% and sell to customers at cover prices.

  3. What discounts do you offer to your customers?

    Customers buying from us get 25% to 30% discount.

  4. Is there any variance on discounts for different quantities? How can I qualify for special discount?

    Instant purchases of Kshs. 2M and over attract 30%. Also customers who achieve a target of Kshs. 2M and above worth of purchases in a year automatically win a trade discount of 30% for the following year.

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  1. What kind of books do you publish?

    Textbooks (Primary school, Secondary school), Reference books, General readers and Children's readers.

  2. What titles do you advice me to stock to ensure fast circulation and repeat business?

    We recommend all our books but Primary Maths and Primary English series have 90% share of the market.

  3. Have your books been approved by the Ministry of Education?

    We have a long list of books that have been approved by the Ministry of Education.

  4. How do I benefit as an author?

    We pay 10% as royalties to our authors

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Promotional & support activities

  1. What efforts are in place to ensure total awareness of your products/company?

    We regularly advertise in the print media, TV, radio and we have Sales Representatives in every region.
  2. What timely incentives are in place for your business partners?

    Attractive trade terms and supply of promotional materials.
  3. What roles does your company play in terms of social responsibilities?

    Every year we offer up to 200 full scholarships to bright needy students joining Form 1. Full fees are paid for the whole 4 years in secondary schools.

  4. How does one channel consumer/customer complaints or suggestions to the company?

    Write to us or forward your complaints to the book centre near you.
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  1. Where can I buy JKF titles/books?

    see distributors

  2. If I buy in bulk do you provide transport?

    Yes in Nairobi and all other areas on prior arrangement.

  3. If I place an order on-line how soon do I get the supply?

    Immediately or as per arrangement between customer and us.

  4. How reliable are your book centres for supplies?

    What is available at the headquarters is available at the book centres.

  5. Do you sell directly to the consumers or they must go to the bookshops?

    All consumers buy their books from the bookshops.
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Customer relations

  1. Do you give credit and how do I get to qualify?

    see credit policy and credit application form

  2. Is it possible to organise to send books through courier services?

    Yes it is possible. The charges will be debited to the customer's account.
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