6. Network security and integrity 

Breach of our website or network security and integrity are prohibited. Any such breach may render you liable in criminal or civil proceedings.  

Whereas the JKF may investigate any such breach, it is not mandatory.

Nevertheless, where criminal or unauthorized activity is suspected, the JKF may liaise and co-operate with the relevant law enforcement agencies for appropriate action. By accessing and using our website products or services you agree, to co-opera rate, in case of any such investigations.

Conduct/activities that violate our website security and integrity include the following:

a)  Hacking

That refers to unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or network. It covers attempts to scan or test the vulnerability/susceptibility of the system without prior authorization of the JKF.

b)  Interception

Refers to unauthorized monitoring of traffic or data on the system without prior express authorization of the JKF

c)   Intentional interference

d)   Falsification of origin routing information

Covers interference to service to any user, host or network. Such conduct includes mail or news bombing broadcast attacks, other deliberate attempts to overload, denial –of- service attacks or other flooding techniques.

It covers situations such as using, selling or distributing in connection with the services provided at the site, any computer programmes designed to conceal the source or routing information of electronic mail services. Any such conduct that falsifies an internet domain, header information, date or time stamp, originating e-mail address or other identifier is illegal and unacceptable to The JKF.

e)  By-Passing Systems Restrictions

Any measures or manipulations that amount to circumvention of any system restrictions or any attempt to gain unauthorized access to, alteration or destruction of any information relating to the JKF or a JKF customer or other user is not allowed.
Such manipulations could be manual or by electronic means.

Whereas the JKF is not under any duty to filter any information being transmitted through its website, for the sake of ensuring the security and integrity of the site and optimum utilization of the network, services & systems:

The JKF may from time to time and at any time and without notice to you or any other person take any technical measures or other action it may deem necessary to filter or block messages sent though the website or network.

Any such action will be at the sole discretion of other JKF and will not render the JKF  liable to any action by the affected users.

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