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Management and Departments


Rosemary K.A. Barasa (Mrs)
MBA(Corporate Management)
Managing Director

  Managing Director (MD)
The MD is the Chief Executive Officer to whom all heads of department report. The Internal Audit Department has direct accountability to the Board of Directors while administratively reporting to the MD.

Mr. Alex Wagacha
GM Internal Audit / M&E

  Internal Audit Department
The principal responsibility of the Internal Audit function is to conduct independent and objective reviews and assessments of the accounting, financial control, asset management, information management and control systems and to report the findings of such reviews and assessments.

Mr. David Mwaniki
GM Finance & ICT
  Finance Department
The Finance Department is responsible for the finance function in JKF including budgeting, revenue collection, expenditure and accounting and all aspects of financial planning and control.

Mr. John Githiaka
Public Admin (Hons),
GM Human Resource & Administration
  Human Resource & Administration Department
The Human Resource (HR) and Administration Department provides direction for developing policies and implementing practices that support employees. We embrace modern HR management practices to support personnel while taking an active role in the achievement of their career goals.

Our goal as a Department is to make the JKF an organization that attracts, supports and retains a complement of diverse, outstanding, productive people who are our most valued resource. We encourage each individual to recognize own responsibilities for career advancement. Collectively, we strive to ensure that we are well positioned to respond to the realities of today and challenges of tomorrow.

Mr. Fredrick Oyuga
B.Ed (Hons), M.A.
GM Publishing, Research & Development
  Publishing Department
This is the department discharging one of the core functions of the JKF which is publishing. The department is responsible for research and product (publications) development. It also undertakes the submission of curriculum based publications to both local and international curriculum development agencies for evaluation and approval. 

Mr. Michael Ogillo
GM Sales & Marketing
  Sales & Marketing Department
The department is responsible for marketing, sales and distribution of all company products (publications and other instructional materials).


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